🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿: Media in UEFA tournaments

In 2022/23 are Bodø/Glimt playing in the UEFA Europa Conference League. You'll find all practical info for media here


The following information is only for the Lech Poznan match: 16th february. 



  • The deadline for accreditations for this game has passed

  • You pick up your accreditation for the game on the entrance to the press room (see the map below)

  • Your accreditation for the media activites for the matchday -1 you'll pick up outside the main stand (see the purple circle on the map). This accreditation you'll have to give back before you leave the stadium for the day. 

Media activities

Mixed zone is back in Europa League this season. All the players who's been on the pitch during the game will have to go trough the mixed zone on their way out of the stadium. In addition will both teams do a press conference the day before and after the game. 

Matchday minus 1 (Wednesday 16th february):

  • Official Training Bodø/Glimt  – 10:30 – 10:45 local time

  • Official Press Conference Bodø/Glimt – 14:00 – 14:20 local time

  • Official press conference Lech Poznan –  18:00

  • Official training Lech Poznan – 18:30 - 18:45

Matchday (Thursday 15th february): 

  • Official post-match press conference Lech Poznan – 20 minutes after the game

  • Official post-match press conference Bodø/Glimt – Directly after Lech Poznan's press conference. 

Every media member who has accreditation to the game will also have accreditation to the media activities. If there are any media houses that send other journalists to the media activities than to the game, please let us know by email. Send this to [email protected]

Press conference

This press conference will be held in first floor at Aspmyra. 

The press conference after the game will be available for all media that have accreditation to the game. 

Lech Poznan's press conference will be held in english. Bodø/Glimt's press conference will be held in norwegian and english (if needed). There will be an interpreter at the press conference of Lech Poznan

Bodø/Glimt's press conference will be streamed on glimt.no and our YouTube channel.

Press conference MD-1:

FK Bodø/Glimt: 14:00

Who: Kjetil Knutsen + one player

Lech Poznan: 18:00

Who: Coach + player

Press room

As usual, two press rooms in the NTG building will be open for media. One for non-rights holders and one for the rights holders. The press rooms open at 18:00 local time and close 60 minutes after the end of the game. 

Press area in the stand

There is a lot of media attending this game. We ask you to take care about each other.

We do no have inside working space in the stands for this game. The press boxes closest to the Havet-stand on the SNN-stand are reserved by UEFA. You will have to sit outside, and it's freezing. Dress well. 

You get a seat number when arriving at the game. 

Radio: There are also more radio channels who are commentating this game than normal. NRK, Radio 3 Bodø and Radio 8000 will use their radio boxes in the stadium as usual. Other radio commentators will have to sit outside in the stands. They will be placed by the desks just outside the radio boxes, closest to the Byen-stand. We ask other media to don't occupy these desks too early. 

Other media can use the top row on the SNN-stand. This row is reserved for media and can be used freely by media that have accreditation. 

In addition, bring warm clothes - we are expecting low temperatures.

Photographers are allowed to stay behind the goal on each side. You can not cross to the other side during the game. If you stay on the side closest to the press room, please don't go in the area between the stand and the goal. If you are moving to the other side of the goal, please use the stand. 

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Corona restrictions

Please, wear a face mask at all time in touch with players and staff. Always wear a mask at training, mixed zone and press conference. We advise all press travelling from outside of Norway to observe the FHI entry requirements, available here: https://www.fhi.no/en/op/novel-coronavirus-facts-advice/facts-and-general-advice/entry-quarantine-travel-covid19/#table-pagination-10936051

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